Andrew Stuart to Speak at CERAWeek 2023

Andrews1visittoceraweek Copy

Hydrogen Optimized CEO Andrew Stuart will speak at CERAWeek 2023 in Houston. He will also participate as a delegate at the March 6-10 conference along with Joseph Habchi, Director of Business Development at Hydrogen Optimized, and Alex Nardi, Product Manager.

Andrew will deliver his first address, “Decarbonization Pathways,” on March 7 (11am CST), when he will explore the potential of clean hydrogen to decarbonize heavy industries, and how to produce it economically at scale. On March 8 at 9:30am CST, he will participate in a panel session, “Financing Hydrogen: A new sector for capital markets,” with HY24’s Alejandro Perellón, S&P Global’s Laurent Ruseckas, and TES-H2’s Yves Vercammen. Visit for further details.

To arrange a meeting at CERAWeek with Andrew, Joseph or Alex please contact them via the links above or email us at