Clean Hydrogen: From Energy Source to End Use
Solar panels in front of a wind turbine.

Renewable Power Sources

Clean hydrogen starts with electrical power from emission-free renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal.

RuggedCell water electrolysis system with the words

Large Scale Hydrogen Production Plant

Hydrogen Optimized’s RuggedCell™ high-power water electrolyzers efficiently convert renewable electricity into clean hydrogen at scale.

Ammonia plant in upper left, steel plant in upper right, hydrogen gas shutoff in bottom left, and hydrogen train in bottom right.

Industrial Applications

Clean hydrogen produced by RuggedCell™ electrolyzers meets the large-scale needs of major industrial, energy and fleet mobility applications.

Hydrogen Optimized's RuggedCell water electrolysis system.

Rugged Cell

Hydrogen Optimized’s RuggedCell™ patented high-power water electrolyzers deliver low-cost clean hydrogen at scale.

Lifetime Efficiency

RuggedCell™ water electrolyzers are designed for a 20 year plant life with minimal efficiency loss.


Dynamic Power Response

Adaptable to wide variations in electrical power inputs from intermittent renewable sources.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Electrolyzer components can be quickly and efficiently “swapped out” on-site for minimal plant down-time.

No Iridium, No PFAS

RuggedCell™ electrolyzers are free of Iridium and other Platinum-group metals, and contain no PFAS “forever chemicals”.


  • High-power architecture enables single modules up to 50 MW
  • Enables plants from tens of megawatts to gigawatt scale
  • Minimal replication of key components including substations, rectifiers and balance of plant
  • Designed for low-cost mass manufacturing
  • Uses widely available materials with reliable supply chains such as iron, nickel and copper


  • Durable and reliable components ensure maximum up-time
  • Well-suited for variable renewable power inputs
  • Dynamic power response – from 0 to 100% in seconds
  • Avoids shutdowns at low energy intensity
  • Maximizes conversion of electrical power to hydrogen
  • Sustains high gas purities over the full operating range
  • Low-cost on-site maintenance

Key Information for EPCs, EPCMs and Large Clean Hydrogen Project Developers


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