Closeup of a steel plant.

Built For Large Scale

To achieve net zero, the world’s largest, most energy-intensive industries will need to decarbonize. The solution is clean hydrogen at scale. Hydrogen Optimized’s patented RuggedCell™ high-power water electrolyzers provide low-cost clean hydrogen at the scale needed to decarbonize major industries.

For chemical and industrial processes – for example steelmaking, chemical plants, ammonia plants and oil refining – clean hydrogen is ideal for use as a carbon-free feedstock, replacing fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. These processes are typically difficult to abate directly using electricity because the production methods require combustion or the input of hydrogen as a chemical feedstock.

Clean hydrogen can also be used as an alternative to diesel and other fossil fuels to power fuel cells or hydrogen combustion engines in heavy-duty transportation applications including rail, trucking, marine, mining and more. Other major applications are in energy and utilities. This includes blending with natural gas to reduce its carbon intensity, electricity grid balancing, and backup energy.