Hydrogen Optimized to Attend “New Economy Canada Days” on Parliament Hill

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May 30-31, 2023


Edward Stuart, Vice President, Development and a Co-Founder of Hydrogen Optimized, will participate in the “New Economy Canada Days” on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on May 30 and 31. Edward will join more than 40 other Canadian business, labour and Indigenous leaders and sectoral experts for meetings with Ministers, Parliamentarians and senior government officials.

New Economy Canada is a movement that unites the member organizations driving Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy. To seize the economic opportunity of this transition, Canada must meet global initiatives such as the US Inflation Reduction Act with a response that positions the country for economic success. Hydrogen Optimized, as the developer and manufacturer of the RuggedCell™, a large-scale water electrolysis system for producing clean hydrogen, is well-positioned to play an important role in the transition.